Monday, March 9, 2009

Make Something Monday: Rag Doll

One of the moms at Dori's preschool made this adorable rag doll for her daughter for Christmas. I told her how cute it was and how I wanted to learn how to make it. We finally got together last week and got started on the doll. (Of course we spent most of the time gabbing and watching the kiddos.) The doll is really pretty easy to make.
Here is the finished product. I still need to make a skirt, but Dori is very happy with her new doll that has black hair just like her. **Dori is wearing her Strawberry Shortcake clippie in the pic. If you'd like to win some Strawberry Shortcake clippies, see the previous post! If I get around to it I will make another doll to give away soon.