Monday, March 16, 2009

Make Something Monday: Modifying Sheets

I recently found a FABULOUS pair of sheet for only $40 at Bergner's Community Days sale. Normally we don't use a top sheet, but these feel so luxurious so we have been. I sleep hot and DH sleeps cold, so we tend to use different blankets, hence no sheet. So with the different blankets on top this sheet just doesn't seem to be wide enough for the bed. I turned it sideways and it's too short to cover shoulders. So I decided to modify the sheets. I cut a wide strip from our previous top sheet (which we never used) and sewed it along the bottom (which was actually the side until we turned it!) and now there is plenty to tuck in along the bottom AND cover our shoulders.

We have a Tempur-Pedic bed & pillows which we love. Regular pillow cases are too big, so I modified the cases. I just turned each inside out. Marked a new edge to fit the pillow and then stitched away. I actually have a serger so the modifications went quick!What's with the sunglasses?

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  1. So custom. I just deal with too big pillowcases and sheets that come untucked every night, how laxy is that :0)

  2. Great tutorial! My husband and I are the opposite of you guys (me cold, him

    Btw, on the tutu, it was actually more along the lines of 38 yards, but I left room for mistakes. lol (And it was a longer style, shorter styles also take less)

  3. thanks for sharing this is a great idea

  4. Look at you go girl! Love that idea, I so need to do that!

    Love the sunglasses they hold up the hair! See I know!!!

  5. Good idea! I like my sheet tucked in, but my husband doesn't. So we have sheet wars, but he usually wins.


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