Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know...the month turned out LAME! + Clothing suggestions?

OK...so it was supposed to be March Madness with a month of fabulous reviews & giveaways...and it fizzled out when I got distracted by my daughter's surgery. Well, I still have several FABULOUS things to giveaway...so stay tuned. I guess March Madness is turning into April Awesomeness. LOL! Just keep an eye out...I will post giveaways when I am ready.

Spring Break is over and everyone is back to school/work. Yesterday I had a 180 mile/6 hour trip for my daughter's surgery follow-up. I almost canceled it because I knew she was going well, but we still went. Dr took one look and said she was going great. DUH! LOL! Nothing against him, we think he's a nice guy and super surgeon...I was just worn out from the whole trip. Then I spent several hours in the afternoon cleaning out my daughter's pig sty room...with her help of course. I have a massive pile of hand me downs and lots of toys & books we are going to donate...not to mention plenty of trash & recycling. She's very happy with her clean room. I told DH that I think she could use some more clothes now...and he thinks I am NUTS! LOL!

I've been wanting DH to dress nicer for a LONG time, but I know it's his choice. He finally decided that he is going to dress more for the job he wants instead of the one he's stuck in. So we did a little What Not to Wear/How Do I Look and have 2 huge garage bags of clothes for Goodwill. We did a big shopping spree at Kohls on Saturday and he is styling now. I think he's a good looking guy...and now he's a good looking sexy guy! LOL! He's also going to start shaving more often. (oh man...I don't have a pic of him to post) Now he wants to help me go through my clothes and throw out all my cardigans and some frumpy clothes. Of course I don't work outside the home so I don't really care what I wear, but I would probably feel better about myself with new clothes. Of course I want to lose weight first. I think my spring/summer clothes are less frumpy, so I should be dressing nicer very soon. I love wearing cardigans to help cover up my (not so attractive) assets and to keep warm. I am willing to ax them, but I need something to replace them. Can you suggest something more attractive than knit cardigans that is casual and comfortable? I am a home body most of the time, so no need for anything nice. Plus I am a wash and wear type of gal...I never dry clean anything!

I did recently buy a few of those blush 1/2-tshirt topless undershirt thingies and I LOVE them. I tend to wear the lower/hip hugger style of pants to help minimize those assets, but then I tend to play a little peek-a-boo belly. This helps elongate my torso and also keeps my middle warmer. I know I could use some better looking knit tops to go with them too. I guess the next time Kohls has a massive sale...that it's my turn to dress better!

OK...got to get my daughter off to pre-school. She's excited to go back after break! Please include any cardigan type suggestions in the comments. Feel free to include any shopping or photo links.