Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hi from Room 222!

Ok...that's not our actual room number, but we are in bed 2 somewhere in a midwest hospital.

Yesterday our daughter had kidney related surgery. The surgery went well, but she's been very agitated since. She's quite stubborn and has been fighting meds, fluids, walking, and vitals. Unfortunately that is causing us to spend a 2nd night in the hospital, but we've had some very positive movement over the past few hours. 2 of the 3 big requirements for release have occurred. We are hoping that she'll get up and move around tomorrow morning. Both she & I slept pretty well last night (and I didn't even require any meds...LOL!) and I hope tonight goes as well. DH didn't sleep as well...but maybe tonight. Hopefully our roommates aren't loud (and Dori isn't loud either!) and we all get some rest. I hope the Dr rounds in the morning and that we can be on our way home. I am looking forward to relaxing at home and being in my OWN BED!!!!!