Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crazy Busy

I am sorry I haven't posted the next giveaway. We've been super busy with week with medical appointments and activities. My daughter is having surgery tomorrow (in another driving involved) and I am trying to get everything ready. We went for a pre-op tour yesterday and it was great. They gave her one these great Josh and Friends dogs for comfort. I feel like we've well prepared her and that things will go smoothly. (As smoothly as they can for a major surgery!) We will be in the hospital through the weekend sometime.

The weather has been glorious lately. It really feels like Spring! We know that a cold blast is still possible, but everyone certainly has a spring in their step. We've been spending lots of time outside and with the windows open. It was such a happy day earlier this week when I took the plastic off the windows!! It seems to be warmer than normal this year. I've had snow over Spring Break before (next week), but the 10 day forecast looks good to me!! I hope you've had nice weather where you are.

I am a list maker. It helps keep me organized. I usually make out a weekly list with to-do on one side and shopping list/meals on the other side. Then I add to it and cross off throughout the week. I've been so busy lately that I just can't keep up with the weekly list, so I've changed to a daily list. Of course I misplace papers or ignore things, but not now. I've started using the dry erase board that is on my computer hutch. My list is out there for the whole family to see (although I doubt they care) and I am able to create a new one each day. I still put some easy things on the list (put something in the mail, return emails, ect), but I feel like I am keeping on top of things. Here is the board. pic taken 4 mos agoI know I've been more organized but I also feel like I am losing things lately. We can't prove it, but we think our oldest might be hiding things from us. Maybe, maybe-not...but things see to appear places we looked. I feel like I've been going crazy at times. I know the stuff is in the house...they've just seemed to grow legs. We are not the most organized, so maybe we are overlooking things. Who knows?

Yesterday we met some friends for lunch and last night Dori told me she wants her hair like her friend. Here is my cute & sassy girl~
She has such a baby face in this pic!

Don't forget~ no Survivor today due to basketball playoffs. I think the Office is new though. I've been missing it lately and haven't paid attention.

Have a great Thursday!!