Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: (Creepy) Dora Head

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  1. there are some dolls that just freak me out!!!! i think that would be one of them! happy wednesday!

  2. Is that from the 'Dora goes on a Cruise' collection?

  3. A future in hairstyling? Dora has never looked better.Happy WW!

  4. that is a giant head on that dora LOL

  5. Dora does have a freakishly big head. but she is adorable. Happy WW

  6. Yikes! That is just too creepy for me.

  7. It is a little creepy. But it does looks like fun.

  8. Haha, that is kind of creepy... your little girl is cute though. :-)

  9. FREAKY DOLL!! LOL I am so not ready for that kind of thing. *sigh*

  10. Kids never seem to see the creepiness of some dolls, do they? I guess if she loves the doll, that's all that maters!

  11. What is so creepy about that? My daughter would love a toy like that.

  12. Uh yeah, I think the doll head IS kinda creepy, and I can't quite put my finger on WHY!

  13. Jadyn says Dora looks pretty.
    She noticed no creepiness.

  14. I am sorry but that is one creepy doll head.

  15. that is seriously creepy! lol! I actually had a Barbie head when I was little, and I actually took the scissors and "buzzed" cut it, and then buried it in the, that is weird.

    But, I turned out okay. I think, lol.

    Also, I tagged you on my blog, but you might not have a whole ton of time with your blog birthday this week..

  16. OMG it's like those BRAT dolls that freak me out.

    Ok I'm doing the Love FFF tomorrow, I know better late then never ... ha-ha.

  17. Wow! That doll's head is as big as your DD's! LOL

  18. That's a pretty gigantic doll head.
    Jenny G.

  19. Well, that is a ginormous head but once she fixed up the hair all pretty like that, it lost the scary.

  20. Hi Diana! I tagged you!

  21. I hear Dora's a huge hit w kids. That's a truly satisfied look on her face.


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