Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Ramble *UPDATED: 9pm~ish*

First off I wanted to share a star sighting from yesterday! LOL!As stated earlier this week, we are excited about the start of The Amazing Race 14 tonight. Last night we watched all the pre-show video clips at and learned who all the teams are, where they are going, a preview to tonight's episode, and Phil's Diary (which is really cool! He's got the BEST job ever!) The interview clips were all in a studio so everyone was on their best behavior, so it is hard to say if we will like the teams or now. I anticipate that Linda & Steve will be the first team out, followed closely by Jennifer & Preston. I'll be back on Tuesday to do my new weekly reality wrap. We actually studied up on all the Survivor teams and rewatched the first episode, so I have some opinions to share.

We've been a little overwhelmed with parenthood lately. We are dealing with lots of teen-angst and found out this week that our daughter needs surgery for a congenital kidney condition. We have a great pediatric urologist that we've been seeing and he will be doing the surgery. We are not worried about the procedure itself, but the emotions that go with it. It will probably worse on us. It's going to be done during spring break, which gives us a little time to prepare. We wanted to take a little trip over spring break...and now we get to. To the hospital!!

We have been enjoying the warmer than normal temps lately. We were able to talk walks outside and enjoy some fresh air. We even turned off our furnace for several days. It's back on now, but hardly kicks on. We have been having more normal temps the past few days, but it just doesn't seem too bad. I think of February as a miserable month...with dreams of spring, but maybe the little warm up helped keep those feelings away. I haven't looked at the forecast maybe arctic conditions are on their way. Just so the sun is shining...I won't complain.

Today I have some symptons of a migraine, but I am doing OK. I have the aura and pressure when I bend over, but not much of a headache itself. When we were coming home from church around noon the light seemed ultra bright and I realized that a migraine might be coming on. I took some Excedrin and rubbed some Head-On on my forehead...and I am OK. Funny thing is that if I keep my brain occupied, I forget about it.

Eric is doing taxes today. Once again we maxed out on our return amount before we entered all our deductions. It's nice that we are getting back over double what we paid in federal taxes, but it's kind of a bummer that we don't earn enough for all our deductions to count. This is our 3rd and final year of the adoption tax credit. That should have been 11K spread out over 3 years, but we only got 7K of it. BUMMER!!

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day. We are very low key around here and don't do any thing special for it. If you haven't seen it yet, check out my Custom Blog Designs blog for a great giveaway and celebration of it's first birthday. And PLEASE participate in Family FotoFun Friday below. Even though it's not have until the following Thursday to participate each week. This week's theme should be's LOVE!!!

**UPDATE: Had the DVR all set to record AR14. We got home late and when we went to watch it...the DVR went all crazy on us and we didn't get to see it. BOO HOOO!! I think we are getting over it...and plan on getting up early tomorrow to watch it on before Eric has to work!**