Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reality Wrap

OK...I have been swamped and have neglected my own blog and visiting others, but I will take a few minutes to review the past week's reality shows I watch.

True Beauty~ Dumb, predictable!

The Bachelor~ ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz episode. Sure looks like they are wanting Jillian to be the next Bachelorette.

Survivor~ OK...if someone told me that the first person off each team was the going to be the girl with the biggest uhm...tatas, I probably wouldn't believe it. Looks like momentum is switching to the other side. I really want to get to know more people on the black team, but they didn't show much more than Brendan. Looks like he will go far. I think I like Jerry, but so far we've not seen much of him. Dumb move on Taj's part to say she's married to Eddie George. She's expendable. She better keep her mouth shut about her music career or she's out SOON. Looks like she and Brendan will play the others for a little bit. The challenge was lots of fun to watch. Don't you wonder why the weather always seems to be just so perfect (meaning rain, heat, wind) for a challenge? I wonder if they keep the teams hidden out in the forrest waiting for a turn in the weather. I mean it's OK before and after the challenge, but torrential rains during. The little bro-mance between JT and Stephen cracks me up. Good move on Stephen's part. I just didn't get a real feel for contestants this episode, so I am sticking with JT for the million.

AR14~ OK...we just LOVE this show. Epi was not as good as 1, but still fun to watch. I can't believe that all those teams chose to jog down the hill for an hour instead of wait for the wind to die down. Mel was golden on that! And it was SOOO obvious that Linda & Steve would be out, although those ditzy blondes came close. They need to step it up or they won't last as bottom feeders. This video of Steve & Linda is so funny! If I were on I'd have a hard time choosing between the Segways and Pies. Mark & Michael were just too relaxed on this leg. Looks like Tammy & Victor will dominate the entire race.

OK...not the most exciting reviews...but I am TIRED. Until next week....