Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reality Wrap

OK...it's time for my new weekly feature~ Reality Wrap. Each week (hopefully) I will give you my observations/opinions of the reality shows that I watch. Feel free to comment~ I just LOVE talking reality TV!

This week I am starting with True Beauty. Yup...this is a dumb show...and has gotten dumber lately. I am surprised that I still watch, but it's on after The Bachelor, so why not. The boot of Laura last night was not surprising. I don't think that Joel has a chance of winning now either. The judges are split on Billy. Julia (I think that's her name) has kind of flown under the radar. She's passed most of the tests and hasn't made any major mistakes. Aston's mom said that Julia & her mom seemed insincere, but she probably just doesn't understand Texans. So it comes down to Billy & Julia. Billy has the underdog card going for him, but I'll say Julia wins.

I was so sad to see Jillian go on The Bachelor last night. I thought they had potential of something lasting (yes, it might have just been a friendship), but I don't see the showmance between Jason and either Molly or Melissa lasting. I think he liked Jillian for her spunk, individuality, and intelligence. I know Molly's eyes just mesmerize Jason, but I see her as the 'she's the one he should pick because they make an attractive couple' pick. Yes, her family visit went well...but I just don't see them lasting. Melissa is his sex-appeal pick. He is very attracted to her. Her 'togetherness' just seems sort of fake. And there is something strange about the family situation. I can understand them not wanting to appear on TV and then see their daughter's heart broken, BUT when Jason talked to her bestfriends...they had barely met her family. What are they hiding? So at this point, I really don't care who Jason picks cause it's just a showmance that will fizzle by May. The girls tell all should be fun next week. They showed a preview of former contestants and I didn't know any of them except Trista. I only watched a few of the first seasons. Not sure why I decided to watch this season.

Survivor~ I have to admit that I watched it twice. We had lots of distractions on Thurs night and just didn't take it all in. I struggle to keep up with everyone on those first few episodes of a new season. So before Eric & I rewatched it online, we read up on each contestant. It was nice to know everyone's name and schtick as we watched. Sandy is such a crazy weird-o, but to her credit...she knows that and she rocked on the challenge. What is a pace? The lone palm tree??? It was quite obvious that the red team was going to tribal because they didn't show much of the black team at all. In fact a few players on that team didn't get more than a few seconds of face time. Players that I don't care for/will drive me nuts~ Tyson & Coach! I mentioned that I've had about a 40% success rate of picking the winner after the first episode. I am not feeling strong about this AND they only really showed one team...but for now I am picking JT for the win. What do you think? Next week's challenge looks down & dirty! FUN!

I saved the best for last~ The Amazing Race. We've been SO excited about this for weeks. We got home late on Sunday and then our DVR messed up...so we didn't get to watch. UGH!!!!! So we got up early on Monday and watched online. The quality of CBS's video is EXCELLENT, but I still prefer to watch this live. Going in I predicted that Linda & Steve will be the first team out, followed closely by Jennifer & Preston...but I was close. I seriously don't see Linda & Steve making it far. BUT they were so smart with making sled out of their cheese backpacks and going down like that. That challenge was so much fun to watch. When we studied up on the contestants I thought the flight attendants (Christie & Jodi) would do well, but it looks like they might be bottom feeders and then up out mid season. OK...let me run down the rest of the teams. Amanda & Kris- bug me (I'll just leave it at that). Brad & Victoria- Surprised by them, I think they will go far. Gingerbeasts (Cara & Jaime)- Kind of gag me, 4th or 5th out...if that. Lakisha & Jennifer- I like them and they have potential to do very well. Margie & Luke- Like them, strong team, final 3. I liked how Phil signed to them on the mat. Mark & Michael- I thought I would not like this team, but they are fine~ possible top 3. Mel & Mike- Some of their lines really cracked me up, probably out mid season or sooner. Tammy & Victor- Their agressiveness is a little much, but they have potential of being top 3. So that puts Margie & Luke and Mark & Micheal in the top 3, which the potential of Tammy & Victor or Brad & Victoria. What do you think???
Don't forget that CBS.com had the Elimination Station & Phil's Dairy videos which are fun to watch. Watching the first ES makes me glad that Jennifer & Preston are OUT!