Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let's talk reality...

We are excited that Survivor Tocantins starts tonight. We've watched EVERY Survivor, even though they aren't as good as they used to be. In fact, most reality seasons start well and then fizzle out. We call ourselves reality junkies, but I know we watch less shows than others. Our very favorite is Amazing Race, which starts Sunday! Others we like are True Beauty (but it's getting dumb), Beauty & the Geek, and The Mole. We've been watching The Bachelor this season, but with all the crazy girls eliminated it just isn't as fun. Have you noticed that Jason's nostrils flair when he's uncomfortable to turned off my something? Cracks me up!! Survivor. I just watched a preview online and I like the idea of them playing up first impressions. Might prove to be a fresh spin on a recycled show. I used to read up about the players before the show started and form favorites, but I'll just take it as it is tonight. I like to make predictions and have guessed the winner for about 40% of the seasons after the first episode. I have not been very successful lately (although I did pick Todd in China), so let's see how I do this season. I will post my predictions sometime this next week...and maybe even do a weekly wrap of my fav shows.

We are VERY excited about AR starting. I just downloaded this cast pic.I haven't read up on this cast at all, but Eric told me that Ned Sneebly (from School of Rock) is in it with his dad, but I think that it's the only 'celeb'. I know that these reality shows are full of mactors (model-actors)...but I still enjoy it. We like to go to Survivor Sucks and see what others have to say about reality shows. People are pretty mean there, but I like the chops (photo shop crops of photos). I usually participate in the AR chops. I think that Eric & I would do great on AR! We love Amazing Race Asia too. It's only shown in Asia on AXN, but we watch online. We even started to watch AR Brazil once, but the language barrier and their cheesy host was too much.

Do you like reality shows? What do you watch???

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  1. That show is still on? The only reality shows I watch are American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice. I can't wait for the start of the new season of Celebrity Apprentice next month.

  2. Dork.
    I'm gonna buy you cable when I win the lotto :()

  3. Oh, I LOVE Amazing Race, but I sooo could not do it--too stressful. And it would drive me nuts to be in all those beautiful places and not really "see" them like you would want to. Joe and I agree--we could not be partners, we would embarrass ourselves on national TV.

    Love Survivor--I just did a post on that and how I would be the second one voted off. Not the first, mind you....the second. Hee! Hee! Because I could only not be annoying for a day or so....then....OFF! Probst would have a field day with me.

    I like The Mole and Beauty and the Geek to. Love Project Runway the best, though. Then Top Chef and Top Model (Whatever the Bravo supermodel one is called). I guess it's safe to say I like the "reality" stuff too. Mindless, but fun.

    So, how long do you think you'd last on Survivor?

  4. I do like reality shows.

    It's nice to hear about someone else who watches the Bachelor. My middle daughter and I love to watch it. Even though she's away at college, we like to compare notes on it.
    Last week we were sad when Stephanie had to go home.

    I cannot decide who I think will end up with Jason.

    I loved Survivor China. I haven't watched since then, but maybe I will have to watch tonight. Sounds fun.

  5. Cascia...I have VOWED to not was Celebrity Apprentice this season! LOL!

    Harriet...I get a new phone with that cable, don't I?

    Lin...I actually applied for Survivor Thailand. Never heard anything from then. I'd probably beg people to vote me off cause I'd be so sick from hunger and sunburn!

    Laura...I've watched some of previous Bachelor/Bachelorettes, but this is the first season I've watched through. I had fun watching and IMing a friend while it was on the other night. We had a field day with those families...especially Naomi's. How were her parents ever married? I think he will end up with Molly or Jillian. I don't think these shomances ever work out, but I think that he and Jillian have potential.

    OK...this is fun...reality wrap needs to happen each week!

  6. I love reality TV!!! but without CBS I think I will be missing out this season. I wonder if I could find it online?
    True Beauty is getting Dumb. I am starting to feel sorry for the people the judges are not very "Beautiful" according to their standards.
    I do find it super funny that when one gets kicked off the always thank the judges and they just tore them up for being a nasty person.
    And I totally see Jason's nostrils I don't know how the girls miss it.

  7. I love Survivor. Thanks for the reminder about the premier tonight! What would I do without you?!?

  8. Are you sure that you and Eric don't qualify as Beauty and the Geek? I will let you fight over who's the geek! LOL!

    We were excited too! Finally got the locl channel up and running, but we'll lose it on the 17th...figures.

  9. I ran across this website about reality TV. Wanted to pass it on. One of the girls that babysits for me some swears she alreay knows who wins Bachelor by "searching the internet" She cracked me up. Have a great day!


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