Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let's talk reality...

We are excited that Survivor Tocantins starts tonight. We've watched EVERY Survivor, even though they aren't as good as they used to be. In fact, most reality seasons start well and then fizzle out. We call ourselves reality junkies, but I know we watch less shows than others. Our very favorite is Amazing Race, which starts Sunday! Others we like are True Beauty (but it's getting dumb), Beauty & the Geek, and The Mole. We've been watching The Bachelor this season, but with all the crazy girls eliminated it just isn't as fun. Have you noticed that Jason's nostrils flair when he's uncomfortable to turned off my something? Cracks me up!! Survivor. I just watched a preview online and I like the idea of them playing up first impressions. Might prove to be a fresh spin on a recycled show. I used to read up about the players before the show started and form favorites, but I'll just take it as it is tonight. I like to make predictions and have guessed the winner for about 40% of the seasons after the first episode. I have not been very successful lately (although I did pick Todd in China), so let's see how I do this season. I will post my predictions sometime this next week...and maybe even do a weekly wrap of my fav shows.

We are VERY excited about AR starting. I just downloaded this cast pic.I haven't read up on this cast at all, but Eric told me that Ned Sneebly (from School of Rock) is in it with his dad, but I think that it's the only 'celeb'. I know that these reality shows are full of mactors (model-actors)...but I still enjoy it. We like to go to Survivor Sucks and see what others have to say about reality shows. People are pretty mean there, but I like the chops (photo shop crops of photos). I usually participate in the AR chops. I think that Eric & I would do great on AR! We love Amazing Race Asia too. It's only shown in Asia on AXN, but we watch online. We even started to watch AR Brazil once, but the language barrier and their cheesy host was too much.

Do you like reality shows? What do you watch???