Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Thursday

Which usually means I do a ramble, but I am not feeling it at this point. Let's see what it is by the time I hit publish.

I've been very busy this week with my Custom Blog Designs birthday celebration. I've put plan into place for the party on Saturday which includes games & a chat. Hop over to CBD to see the details. Hope you can make it! (I'll post about MY CBD birthday gift as part of FFFF tomorrow.)

I've managed to get lots done this week...important paperwork, taxes (actually Eric did them), and some other things around the house. I was STRESSING out this afternoon about my teen and Dori's impending surgery. Nothing some exercise & brownies couldn't take care of. I *LOVE* the recipe from The Mom with Brownies blog.

OK...that's all I have to NOT a ramble!

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