Thursday, January 29, 2009


Did you see that our state got a new governor today??? I watched the end of the senate deliberations and then the live vote. It was pretty obvious after seeing a few senators speak that the vote was going to be a land-slide. Good-bye Blago! I think he and Trump should market a line of men's hair care products.

From what I've heard of our new governor, Pat Quinn, he's supposed to be a good guy. I heard he's been outspoken about corrupt government for a while. Jake met him back in 2005 when he visited a few middle schools in Illinois to push a new technology program he was proposing. Jake was one of 4 students who was asked a question related to Illinois and was able to find the answer quickly. Jake's question was: Who is the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize? She is from Illinois. Do you know the answer? Jake ended up being interviewed by a few local stations. I was very proud that he was picked by his teachers and that he did a good job. (Yup...he had long hair back then!) Nearly a year later we discovered that our daughter was born on that very day.