Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today's the DAY!

I am so excited about inauguration day!! Only a few more hours of W!! BUT I won't be able to watch!! I was scheduled as the working parent at Dori's preschool today. I'll be busy helping with kids AND there is no internet connection at the school. THEN there is a potluck today. Grrrr! Part of my duties are to clean the class (it's a cooperative), which means I'll probably have to wait until after the potluck to clean. GRRRRR!! I have a few errands, but they are not pressing...so I'll put them off. BUT even then I probably won't get home until at least 1:30pm CST. Boo hoo!!!!!! DVR is set...but it's just not the same!!! BUT I'll soak in everything I can this afternoon.
Image borrowed from Around the Way Books