Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Ramble

Hey all! It's a mellow Sat night around here. The kids are downstairs playing a game together, Eric is watching Battlestar online, and I am here. I am getting tired so I don't think I'll be up late tonight. I am doing much better with sleep the past few nights. Last night I was asleep by 10:30 and slept til 7am. Best night of sleep in 2009! w00t! I hadn't been feeling good last evening and was frustrated with some work stuff. When I got to the point where I had tears, I knew it was time to log off and go to sleep. Even today I wasn't my usual jovial self, but that's fine.

This morning I met one of my bloggy mommy (former band booster mommy) friend at Panera to talk blogs. It was nice to talk in person...not just emails. Then this afternoon we went to a Chinese New Year celebration at the local library. We've gone the past few years, but this year was jam packed with great performances. Dori really enjoyed them and even ventured away from us to watch from the front for a few minutes. She loved the lion dance!! I pulled out an quilted outfit that she wore a few years ago to see how big she's gotten and she wanted to wear it. Pretty funny seeing how small it was.
Speaking of funny, yesterday Parker & Dori took all the clippies & barrettes out of Dori's pretty box and put them in my hair. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves! LOL! Parker thought that he was getting away with something when he took pics of me, but I uploaded them to FB right away. Do you like how beautiful I looked?You might see the elliptical in the background of the last photo...I should probably update you on my fitness. Back in the first week of December I decided I was totally disgusted with myself. I started working now about 5-6 days a week on the elliptical, but I wasn't seeing any improvements. But that's turned around the past 2 weeks or so as we've been eating better. Eric is really rocking on it and increasing his time each day. I'm just increasing intensity, but I find myself less winded. I am starting to feel a little slimmer, but I am not taking measurements just yet. I want to wait until I know there is a big improvement. I actually took today off, but I'll get a good workout in tomorrow.

The kids had Thurs & Fri off school due to arctic conditions. It was actually sunny out (which was nice to have the curtains open), but wind chills were about 30-40 below. Outside of taking DH to & from work (so he didn't have to take the bus or pay for parking), I stayed inside. Today was a regular heatwave with temps near 30 above! They have Mon off for MLK, jr it's a LONG weekend!

It's 10pm and I can hear the kids laughing downstairs. They are having a great time goofing around. Not sure how easy it's going to be to corral them upstairs and in bed. Dori just came up and has 1 latex glove on, is carrying a small basket fill with a cactus pen, papers, silk flowers, and a duck whistle. Interesting combo and I am not sure where they got it all from. I can just imagine the mess they've created...but they are having FUN! Dori cracks up each time she blows the whistle. She told us she wanted night-night around 5:30 (which is too early for bed, but too late for nap) and we didn't know how we'd keep her up...but now she's WIDE awake!

I have to say that I was amazed this week with the story of the plane landing on the Hudson River. That pilot did an incredible job and is a big HERO. How the plane didn't break apart, I don't know. But I do know that when they make the 'in case of water landing' announcement from now on...I will pay attention!!

And I am looking forward to the end of the W era and the new presidency with Obama. I am schedule to be the working parent in Dori's class on Tuesday, so I am going to miss the swearing in. I have to clean the class afterward, but I hope to make it to a friends to watch some of the festivities. I will most likely record it and watch later. My weekly poll asks how you feel about the inauguration.

OK...I am getting I am logging off and heading toward bed. The kids are actually brushing teeth without our prompting, so maybe they are tired afterall.

Have a great Sunday!!!!