Thursday, January 29, 2009

Organization on the Go

We are a mini-van family. Almost a must with 3 children. I love that the back of my van comes with compartments that help keep groceries secure, but my big issue is securing the stroller. I did a search and came up with this awesome gadget called Stor-a-Stroller at KidSafe. It attaches to the headrest bars of the back seats and can be adjusted to hold an umbrella stroller above the storage area. Pretty clever.

While I was at KidSafe, I found lots of other great items to keep your children safe. Another gadget that I think is cool is the Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker. It works just like the finder on your cordless phone. You attach the cute little giggle bug to your child's clothing. Then if they run off you click the button on the fob and the giggle bug beeps so that you can locate your child. Why didn't they have this when Jake was a toddler? He LOVED to run off!! We did have a tether for him (similar to this harness) that we used when we were in traveling in crowds, but I would have loved a Giggle Bug for shopping trips and other errands. So in addition to your car fob, you can have a kid fob! LOL!

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  1. That giggle bug thing-a-ma-bob is fantastic! I have to get it..for sheer peace of mind alone! What a fantastic invention...

    ps. I would love a minivan, if ever we are on vacation and have to rent a car, we rent a minivan..and I so want one! Maybe when our jeep dies..although knock on wood that it doesn't die...but, it would be nice (not if the jeep died, but if we had a minivan..) geesh...shut it, Kristin!



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