Friday, January 23, 2009


What is Sited and Blogged?

Sited and Blogged is several things.

  • Sited and blogged features blog posts from a variety of bloggers. These bloggers are contributors to this site or bloggers who have submitted posts. (we are still recruiting contributors)
  • Sited and Blogged is a reference point of items of interest from around the blog world, either submitted by our contributors or readers like yourself.
  • Simply stated, Sited and Blogged is the best of what is of interest in the blog world.
I am one of the contributors of the site and I am also in charge of one of our first giveaways there. The giveaway is for a Valentine's Out of the Box Sampler, which is an awesome sampling of the best handmade etailers out there. There is also a giveaway for 1000 EntreCard credits. Both giveaways run through January 30.