Sunday, January 25, 2009


I haven't rambled in a while. I have been keeping sooooo busy that I don't seem to have the time I want to do my personal blogging. But that is a reflection of my life. LOL! My crazy, chaotic, disorganized brain just doesn't keep up all the time!!!

This weekend has flown by! Not sure where it went!?! I did spend 5 hours at Panera yesterday talking with friends and then spent much of the afternoon in bed (on the laptop) cause it was just chilly. Today was taken up with church, emails with clients, on the phone, and then dinner at my sister's house. My computer-guru BIL (brother-in-law) showed us this awesome new laptop that he obtained that he plans on selling. I am thinking that since I got a great deal on this one from him, that I could recoup the costs and then buy that one. I am sure I'd be OK without the newer laptop, but the pretty shininess and widescreen sure got my attention. Eric said he would buy it and then give me his Macbook. Uhmmmm, thanks sweetie!?

My biz is going well. I keep getting more and more requests, which I feel like I am doing OK with keeping up with. No one has to wait more than a week or so, but I also have some clients that are in no hurry. Which just encourages me to procrastinate. LOL! Maybe it's not always procrastination. I am always juggling the kids and their activities, being healthy and working out, and regular household duties. Don't forget I have my Visitor of the Week giveaway over at my Custom Blog Designs site. I'm paying attention to who is spreading the love!

Speaking of blogs, since tomorrow marks the start of Chinese New Year I gave my daughter's blog a new look. Isn't this cute??? I used the Complete Chinese New Year kit by Lleilla Designs. I just love her stuff!! Click here to get to her shop. She has a Panda kit that I am anxious to use. Unfortunately I am only able to use the design on my personal blogs, not for clients. BUMMER!! Other than the blog, I haven't really done anything to prepare for CNY. We did got to a celebration recently, but we need to make some Year of the Ox ornaments and then decorate our xmas CNY tree tomorrow. I also buy Dori a stuffed animal each year, so I have to find an Ox anywhere. Hum....

Looking ahead at this week...Dori has school on Tues & Thurs, Parker has piano & youth group on Wed, and a few other little things here and there. Pretty typical for us. Tomorrow I need to contact the school and deal with an incident that Parker was involved with on Friday. I emailed the teacher & principal to give them a heads up, but I hope we can get it all resolved quickly. That has stressed us out this weekend.

I wanted to post some recipes I've tried recently, but I think I'll just provide the link to where I got them. The Newlyweds! blog is chalked full of yummy looking recipes. Last week I tried the Chicken Noodle Soup and Busy Day Lo Mein. I put in a little extra garlic on both and my guys complained a little about it, but overall they were a hit. I plan on making the Thai Turkey Tacos tomorrow night and the Smothered Chicken & Rice later this week. I'll have to alternate those with our salad nights!

Speaking of healthy, I've added stretching, some free weight exercises, and sit-ups to my routine. I've just done it 2 times so far, but I am surprised I am NOT sore. I doubt it's cause I am in great shape...I probably need to just push it a little more. I had a great little routine that I got out of Prevention mag, but I can't find the I am just kind of making it up. LOL! I need to do the stretching and sit-ups daily, but I'll just do the weights every other day. I've noticed in the past that those have been the best way to tone up. Just think...if I am doing this in January...I'll be trim & sexy by swimsuit season. NOT! It just means my fat won't hang out of my suit as much! LOL!! I do wear a 2-piece....tankini with a skirty bottom. OK...we won't go there! Although wouldn't it be nice if it was WARM enough for a swim suit!!!!!

OK...I need to get some more work done and get to bed!!! Happy Chinese New Year!!!!