Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eating Better!

As I have mentioned in a few posts, we've are trying to be more fit. I started with exercising on our new elliptical machine, but when I noticed that I wasn't trimming down we started focusing on our food intake too. I've grown tired of many of the meals we've had year in and year out and dread making a meal plan and shopping list each week. So we've come up with some new meals. Our favorite is salad with grilled chicken strips. I've avoided salads because there seems to be SOOO much prep that goes into them, but now I buy those great Fresh Express bagged salads and dinner is a snap. Fresh Express has 2 new great varieties added to their offerings: Tender Ruby Reds and Sweet Tender Greens. Our favorite of the 2 is the Sweet Tender Greens. I went in search of some recipes to make with these salad mixes and came across the website. It's chalked full of wonderful information about Phytonutrients and living a healthier life. I did come across a recipe for Ruby Reds, Feta, & Watermelon Salad that I look forward to eating. Their article called Get Energized-Naturally! really got my attention, especially the paragraph titled Make Small Lifestyle Changes. We know we can't change our health and fitness overnight, but we can take small changes that will go a long way.

And if you have kids, check out Phil Lempert's article about Putting kids in Charge of Produce. It suggests that you should have children under 13 pick out one fruit or vegetable that the family has never tried, but I am going to test that out with ALL members of our family.

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  1. Good luck with improving your eating habits.

  2. We so need to do that too! Love the fruit and veggie idea. I'm a little scared what the 4 yr old may come up with ... LOL

    thanks for adding CCC War to your blogger list :).

  3. It is so hard trying to eat healthy with little kids who are very picky but we manage! We have been doing lots of fruit smoothies with tofu (kids don't know the tofu thing)!

    Good for you and the elliptical machine....that thing is hard to do for very long!


  4. ive been focusing on my diet and exercise this year, too...good luck with your progress... i'll be blogging more about this stuff too!!! im going to start trying to add buttons today... wish me luck!!! :)))

  5. Fruit smoothies with tofu...what a great idea!

  6. Good for you and your family! We need to do the same here...BUT my husband and son are trying to gain weight while my older daughter and I are trying to lose/maintain...can be frustrating when meal planning.

    BTW...I've grabbed your button bc I enjoy your blog and placed it here:

    Happy Blogging!!

  7. I'm trying to eat healthier this year too and hopefully lose a few pounds along the way. Thanks for all the great information.

  8. Be sure to wash your Fresh Express salad before you use it--most people don't know to do that. Good luck with the eating right. We're good at that, but lately I find myself a slug on the couch and not moving enough. Will spring ever come?

  9. We have salt water aquariums and the corals eat "Phyto-plankton," so I had to do a double take when I read your post! LOL!

    When we have salad, it usually ends up being a melee of vegatable madness! I love my Pampered Chef Knives, so chopping is fun.

    My favorite is with Costco mixed green salad, chopped carrots, onion, celery, even apple, and any other thing I can throw on, but the best part is the dried cranberries (craisins), blue cheese or feta, plus bacon or ham or chicken or some inclusion of all three! and then the dressing...

    The one I like uses balsamic vinegar, Olive Oil, a smidgeon of fruit juice (grape or cherry), some Mrs. Dash or other salt substitute, and some powered garlic, and viola!

    of course, bleu cheese dressing is good too.

    keep working on that exercise thing...let me know how it works. I don't like exercise for exercise sake. It isn't FUN.

  10. Love salads with the grilled chicken. It is really good with the Caesar salad mix, too! We, too are trying to watch our eating. It is so hard, but worth the results. Good luck!


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