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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Italian Beef- no recipe needed! I just get a roast, some onion & peppers, and
put in a crock pot with some water and a package of Louie's Famous Italian Beef Mix.
Like my new crock pot that I got for $15?Pumpkin Pie Cake (recipe posted a few weeks ago)Gingerbread House MakingWe woke up to snow this AM.
Here is Parker's snowman...before they smashed it with bats!My Cutie Girl!

Catching Up!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I haven't done a what's happening post in a while. I've been so busy with the blog party and getting ready for Thanksgiving that I haven't gotten personal!

We had a nice low-key Thanksgiving spent with family and friends. We hosted the meal at our house and my sis and her family came over and we ate around noon. The food was yummy and everyone had a nice time together. In the late afternoon my guys took off to the movies with friends. Dori & I stayed home and watched a chick flick and drank sparkling cider aka tickle juice. Then we all went over to a friends for dessert and good conversation.

I kept busy yesterday. I baked cookies, baked gingerbread houses, made 2 meals for a friend recovering from surgery, took a walk, and did a bunch of online shopping. I found many in store deals online too. I picked store delivery on a few items, so I didn't have to pay shipping. So my Christmas shopping is basically done. Just a few stocking stuffers left to buy.

Today was our 2nd annual Family Holiday Craft Day. My sis & family come over and we made ornaments, gingerbread houses, take photos, and eat a yummy dinner. The kids had a great time decorating the gingerbread houses. Now Eric & I are sitting down to watch Semi-Pro.

I've been doing a little graphics work lately...a holiday card, updating a few blogs, and some other graphics. I need to get our Christmas card designed and ordered, hopefully tomorrow!

We've had decent weather the past few days, but that is coming to an end tomorrow. We have a winter advisory issued. Normally I don't take stock in forecasts like that, but we usually get our first measurable snow around Dec 1. ICK!

I really enjoyed the momdot blog party that I participated in. I discovered some new blogs and make a few online friends. I even won a prize!! I also won a recent giveaway at The Clan McLeod blog. I will post pics of that prize when I get it.

Speaking of giveaways...I will be announcing an exciting giveaway on this blog sometime soon!

FFFF #3: Thanksgiving

Friday, November 28, 2008

**this is a sticky post see new posts below**

Each Friday I will post a photo theme for the week. You will then post at least one photo that fits the theme on your blog along with any explanation that you want to add. You can use a photo you took in the past, a photo taken by other family members, or a photo taken during the week to fit the theme. You may link a previous blog post if it fits the theme. Please post the FFFF button (code in left sidebar) and link back to my blog. Once you've posted your entry on your blog, please come back and list your blog entry in Mr. Linky. Have fun looking at other blogs who have entered and leave some LUV! Feel free to contact me with suggestions for future themes.

This week's theme is Thanksgiving. My grand idea was for photos of Thanksgiving meals, but I don't have any, so I have put photos of my daughter's first 3 Thanksgivings.
Now it is your turn. Please share your Thanksgiving photos. I can be from this year or previous years. When you've posted your FFFF come back here and fill in the Mr. Linky below. You have until Thurs, Dec 4 to post your entry.
Family FotoFun Friday Participants
1. Lisa S
2. Lissa at Loving Lydia
3. To Sing and Dance
4. Hayley @ CallansMama
5. Wendy @ Adoption & Fire
6. jill @ farm family
7. Kim
8. Jenn P

Learn more about Family FotoFun Friday here.

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Raffle Ending Soon!

Bring Mia Hope Home Raffle
Only 2 days left to purchase your ticket for the Bring Mia Hope Home Raffle. For only $10 a ticket or $25 for 3 tickets, you are entered to win a $500 Gift Card to either Target, Gymboree, or ToysRUs (and I bet if you want a different store...that Robin would accomodate!). $10 for a chance at $500 is awesome!! She also has a 2nd place drawing for the following ADORABLE Peppermint Princess outfit (size 2-5). Click the blinkie above for a link to the raffle. Help a family bring their special needs daughter home from China!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

digital products by Laura Bickers

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 12

Today is the final day of MomDot's Christmas of Dreams Blog Party
Brought to you by Georgie Tees and Mutsy

The final question is what are you thankful for? I am thankful for my family, friends, and good health! (I know...short and sweet!)

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Helper!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dirt Pie

I've seen lots of blog posts of what people are eating for Thanksgiving and I don't see much chocolate listed. Every year I made Dirt Pies. I take one to church for our Thanksgiving Eve Pie & Cider Fellowship and another over to a friend's house for Thanksgiving Dessert. That friend is going elsewhere, so we are hosting the dessert here. So our plans for tomorrow are to get up early and get our HUGE turkey in the oven, eat yummy cinnamon coffee cake for breakfast, have my sis & family over for our turkey supper at noon, clean up and nap. Then the guys are taking off to the movies with friends and then everyone comes over for dessert afterward. Dori & I are just going to watch a video here. So I made 3 pies~ 1 for tonight and 2 for tomorrow night.

Dirt Pie

1 (4 oz) package of chocolate instant pudding
1 cup milk
1 tub of Cool Whip
crushed Oreos (about 30-35 per pie)
1 Oreo cookie pie crust

Put milk into bowl and whisk in pudding mix for about 2 mins. Fold in Cool Whip. Add crushed cookies (grate them in the food processor) and mix. Pour into pie crust. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
Here is a pic of 2 of mine. The lighter color one was done with 1.25 cups of milk and I pour it all into the pie crust. The darker one only had 1 cup of milk and I didn't add all the filling to the pie (someone gets a yummy pudding snack this afternoon!)

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 11

Today is the eleventh day of MomDot's Christmas of Dreams Blog Party
Brought to you by Shishu Style and Mimsi Bags

Now here’s the tough part, if you could only pick one food to eat on Thanksgiving, what would it be? Mashed Potatoes!

Do you have a home-cooked meal or eat out? home cooked!

Does your family dress up?

He's Clueless

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So tonight we splurged and went out to dinner. It's been a long time since we've gone out and it just felt so carefree. Everyone was behaved and we had nice conversation. Our waitress commented on how cute Dori was when she came to our table at first, but after that she didn't even look at Dori. She was too busy flirting with Jake (15 yrs old). Each time she came back to the table she interacted with Jake. She even went to hand him the bill and said he could wash dishes to play for it. What did Jake do in response? He just played with his TI-83+ graphing calculator. What a clueless geek! LOL! (Yes, I told him that I was going to blog about it!)

Poll Closed!

Last week's poll has closed and 100% of the respondents said they were staying close to home for Thanksgiving. Interesting! I myself will be traveling down the hall to the kitchen...and maybe down to the fridge in the garage, but that is about it! LOL!

No poll this week due to the holiday!

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 10

Today is the tenth day of MomDot's Christmas of Dreams Blog Party
Brought to you by Organic Blankees, Huddy Buddy, and Baby Legs

Do you decorate for the holidays? A little bit~ with our big holiday party there is not much room so we only do a table top tree.

Do you have a themed tree? No

Do you think there is such thing as OVER decorating? Well, if the Griswalds lived next door, then I would say yes. But really I say to each their own!

Robeez: Season of Giving

Monday, November 24, 2008

Robeez has just kicked off their fourth annual Season of Giving campaign, a charitable initiative to donate shoes to infants in-need during the holiday season.

How You Can Help:

It's simple! For every e-card sent from the Season of Giving website, Robeez will make a $5 product donation via its charitable partner, Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.). One card = $5 worth of Robeez footwear; 10 cards = $50 worth of Robeez footwear, and on and on!

For taking the time to send an e-card, Robeez is also offering you a chance to win one of seven new Shoes and Socks Gift Sets. Keep them for your own children or give them to a friend! It's all for a good cause!

Our shared goal is to help Robeez raise $250,000 in product donations this holiday season.

The campaign runs through to December 20, so send an e-card to your family, friends, or even me!

Make Something Monday: Fresh Cranberry Relish

Go Graham Go & Jolly Mom host Make Something Monday. I just got done making the Fresh Cranberry Relish Chutney recipe that I posted on Thursday. I substituted Clementine Oranges for Mandarin Oranges (just take out the seeds!)~ check out the recipe to get the full instructions.

I chopped everything (in the food processor) separately and layered it for you to see.Here it is all stirred up! Make it at least 48 hrs in advance!

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 9

Today is the ninth day of MomDot's Christmas of Dreams Blog Party
Brought to you by jaC Jewelry, Cutie Covers and Sassy Baby

Today's question is a 3 parter~

What is the most unusual gift you've received?
OK...this was not a holiday gift, but my hubby and I got 2 strange ones for our wedding. First was a cast iron door stop. It had a hunting scene on it. Strange! The other was ONE platter like you see at Sizzler. A metal/steel platter sitting on a fake wood base. Just one of those...not a set or anything. Strange!

What was one of your favorite gifts?
I'd have to say the game Mousetrap! Oh, and my nifty Sony Walkman.

Do you think it's OK to regift? YES!!!!

Too tired to post!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It was a long day of outside work...but we got a lot done!

It's the Weekend!

Yesterday was a lazy day for me. I did some stuff online, reorganized Dori's room, picked up a few groceries (including a HUGE turkey for $11), watched a movie with the family, and did some graphic work. Eric on the other hand got a lot done. He changed the oil in my van, ran some errands, and work on installing a stereo in his truck. We had Broccoli Chicken for dinner. Next time I make it, I am changing the ingredients a little!

Today the sun is shining and it's supposed to be 50 degrees! w00t!! I think we will take the kids up to Sunday School, but then maybe ditch out of church to get some outside work done. We are going to rake leaves (oops! I forgot lawn bags!), trim branches, straighten up the garage, wash my van, and get the outside of the house all ready for winter. And we get to do it all in the sunshine. We've been having colder than normal temps, so it will probably feel like a heatwave! We have dinner at my sister's house tonight where we will make our final T-Day plans. Should be a very productive day!!!

On a different note, have you noticed the URL of this blog? I got my own domain name~ DianaRambles.com. Yes~ dianas-daily-ramblings.blogspot.com still works to get here so no need to change your links, you are just redirected to dianarambles.com.

Have a warm Sunday!!

FFFF #2: Thankful for...

Friday, November 21, 2008

**this is a sticky post see new posts below**


Each Friday I will post a photo theme for the week. You will then post at least one photo that fits the theme on your blog along with any explanation that you want to add. You can use a photo you took in the past, a photo taken by other family members, or a photo taken during the week to fit the theme. You may link a previous blog post if it fits the theme. Once you've posted your entry on your blog, please come back and list your blog entry in Mr. Linky. Have fun looking at other blogs who have entered and leave some LUV! Feel free to contact me with suggestions for future themes.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up this week's theme is thankful for. Put up a photo(s) of who you are thankful for and tell us why. This is an easy one that everyone can participate in.

I am thankful for my husband, sons, and daughter. Eric & I have been married for 18 years and while things haven't always been smooth, he has stuck by my side, loved me unconditionally, and has stayed committed to what we deem important. I am also thankful for our kids, Jake, Parker, & Dori. Jake is intelligent & creative, Parker is happy & loving, and Dori is just so cute & sweet.
Apr 2007
Aug 2007
Dec 2007
I am also thankful for my sister and her family. (pictured with us above) They moved here in 2007 to be near us. They only live about a mile away and we get together for a meal each week. It is so nice to have family close by and the kids love playing with their cousins.

Now is your turn. Please share who you are thankful for and fill in the Mr. Linky below.

Family FotoFun Friday Participants
1. Harriet
2. Hayley @ CallansMama
3. Cora

Learn more about Family FotoFun Friday here.

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Wrapping up the Week!

It's been a pretty good Friday. Dori & I were lazy around here this am. I got some bloggy stuff done and she learned how to play some games on the 'puter. It look her like 30 seconds to figure the game out. She keeps asking to play it.Then we went to the indoor playground because we were meeting someone there who I was buying a bunch of Duplos from. They are going to be Dori's bday present. This afternoon I straightened up a bit around the house (including wiping out the fridge) and made Swedish Meatball for dinner. No fancy recipe...just a McCormick spice pack. I did make that yummy brownie recipe again though.

Dori took a VERY LONG nap today, so now at 10:40 she is still WIDE awake. For the most part she does not nap, but it does sneak up on her from time to time. Everyone else has gone to bed, but I get to stay up with her.

We don't have any special plans for the weekend. It's supposed to warm up to 40 tomorrow, but Sundays is supposed to be nearly 50 with sun. We plan on raking leaves, trimming branches, and other outside work. We are also going to work on some chairs I found with a free sign. The part under the padding was all cracked, but each chair is in great shape. Eric is going to cut a new board and I am going to put a pad on it and staple some fabric on. The 2 extra chairs will come in handy for our upcoming holiday party. Eric is also supposed to change the oil and wash my van. I also want to go through and weed out toys to donate. I'll do some other organizing too.

Dori is starting to get fussy, so it's time to get her ready for bed. I hope you all sleep well tonight!

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 8

Today is the eighth day of MomDot's Christmas of Dreams Blog Party
Brought to you by Koshas, Leapfrog and Soda Club

The question is do you shop Black Friday?

Only on a very occasional basis...but never the early bird specials. If I see something I really want I'll go later in the afternoon when the crowds have died down a little. We go very low key for Christmas, so I don't do a lot of shopping. You can check out this years ads for Black Friday here.

**Please check out and participate in my Family FotoFun Friday above**

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Loved Survivor tonight!!! Sugar's speech was the BEST!!


I am glad that it's Thursday! Almost the end of the week, but still one day left to get stuff done. I have a slight headache (too much time online I think) and am looking forward to just veggin' in front of the TV to watch Survivor & The Office. I *SO* hope that Randy is booted. I will also record My Name is Earl.

It was a pretty good day. Dori didn't cry at all when I left her at school today. It was such a good feeling! While she was there I took a long walk at a nearby mall. I came home to find the dinner that I put into the crock pot was still cold. I guess it's time for a new crock pot! I've had that one for many years and it was used to begin with. I am looking forward to a bigger one that the crock comes out for easy cleaning! We got some possibly good news about something, but I'll wait and see before saying anything.

Today is Thankful Thursday and I have to say I am thankful for karma. I know this isn't a nice thing to think or say, but we found out some news today about someone we know. I believe that what comes around goes around...and let's just say something is going around for this individual. It isn't something really bad (like illness or tragedy), but their own selfish wishes aren't coming true. So not really something to be thankful for, but sometimes you wonder how people get away with what they do. Well...maybe they don't! Come back tomorrow for something more appropriate on the thankful front!

Holiday Recipe Series: Fresh Cranberry Relish Chutney

It's time for the 3rd installment of my Thanksgiving recipe guest blogger spot at The Mom Buzz. This week's recipe involves chopping up ingredients, so I highly recommend a food processor or chopper.

Fresh Cranberry Relish Chutney

1 bag fresh cranberries
2 apples (I usually use a fuji & granny smith)
1 orange or tangarine, drained
1 small can of mandarin oranges
1 can pineapple chunks, drained (or equal amount of fresh pineapple)
1/2 - 1 cup sugar
optional: finely chopped pecans

This recipe should be made ahead of time. For Thanksgiving I will put this together either Sunday night or Monday sometime. It just tastes better when you let it sit for a few days.
Chop all ingredients. I just use my food processor and chop a little at time. I then dump it all ingredients into my Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl and stir. Cover tightly and store in the fridge. I go in and stir once a day. The recipe makes about 7-8 cups of relish, so I put some in glass jars and pass it on to friends or neighbors. It's wonderful with Thanksgiving dinner or by itself. I usually eat it for breakfast for a few days. Fresh cranberry season is short, so I will only make 2 batches a year...once at Thanksgiving and once at Christmas. I have tried freezing the cranberries and making this later on, but they don't thaw well for this.

Make this for Thanksgiving this year and you will get so many compliments!!

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 7

Today is the seventh day of MomDot's Christmas of Dreams Blog Party
Brought to you by Sillymonkeez and My Baby Bump

Today's question is who is on your naughty and nice list?

I am not really one to hold grudges so no one is on my naughty list. I have a few people that have frustrated me...my teen and a friend, but I am not holding anything against them. I will still do the same for the holidays as I always do for them!

As far as my nice list...I'd have to say the whole family (yup...even the teen!) I love my family!! I am also happy with my new friends, Julie & Tammy and their kiddos. They are such good friends and I enjoy joking around and talking with them. I think I will go above and beyond and do something special for them!

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 6

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For day 6 we are supposed to write about our favorite holiday memory from our childhood.

There is a set of Twelve Days of Christmas glasses that our family owns. When we were kids and the table would be set for Christmas the glasses were used. We all loved to stick people with the worst glass...which was usually 5 golden rings. Specifically, we would try to stick the worst singer with that glass. Poor mom!


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