Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Walk On!

We just took a 30 min walk OUTSIDE! That is the 4th day in a row that we walked outside! w00t! The past 2 days were a little chilly, but not horrible. Today was GLORIOUS! I am surprised we didn't see others out...on none of the days. We try to take advantage of fresh air whenever we can. It is supposed to be sunny the next several days, but too cold to get outside.

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  1. Great job! I am a little sore from my time with the Wii Fit. But that means it is working right?
    Enjoy the sun while you can. We have it here too, but I am weird I think I miss the snowy skies.

  2. I'm waiting for some good weather. It has been cold and windy.

  3. I need to get out walking more! Glad you were about to enjoy the fresh air and get a little exercise.

    Your blog is so cute - great design.

  4. I had the windows open for a little while..

  5. Woo Hoo! for getting to walk outside...I have family in other parts of the country, where it is supposed to be COLD, but they have been getting a bit warmer weather..For me now though, being in Texas..the warm weather is not entirely unexpected, but it has been wonderful!! Walk on!! ha ha, like the title of your post!

  6. Way to go!! My opinion is that it is still too cold to be walking outside right now, plus we've had a lot of wind lately so that really counts me out. I'm holding out for spring! LOL

  7. been taking walks myself but i am like you and saw no one else walking either. BUt so glad we are having great weather not only for the time outside but also my heat bill


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