Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tues Ramble

I feel a ramble coming on! (that's your warning! LOL!)

It was a good day today. Like I mentioned it in an earlier post it was a warm sunny day, so we got a walk in OUTSIDE. Now the wind is howling out there (we have a wind advisory), so I am sure it's going to be COLD tomorrow. I finished putting plastic on the upstairs windows this afternoon and it does not feel drafty at all. We have replacement windows (put in by the former owner) but they do let a little air through. We used to have our computers downstairs in a front bedroom, but since I got this laptop and then moved my Mac upstairs I don't go down much. So it's really chilly downstairs.

We had a strange dinner. When I was looking for recipes I saw the Coke Roast recipe with chicken instead of beef. I tried it out (actually with a combo of chix and turkey) with a few adjustments and it was just not as good. I don't think the adjustments were the problem. We are just going to stick to the original recipe with beef. It seems as if we haven't paid attention to details with several things we made recently and things just haven't been tasting as good. I am just sick of food all together...but why am I still so big???

Tomorrow night we have a party about an hour away. We don't like to be out driving on New Years, so we decided to get a hotel room for the night. We are going to head over early in the afternoon, check in, swim, hang out, go to the party a few miles away, and then go back and sleep at the hotel. We will wake up on Thursday, grab the comp breakfast, swim, check out, and then probably go out to lunch before heading home. About a week ago I posted that we wanted to get out of town to someplace warmer, but we realized we would have to drive a LONG way to find decent weather...and then we got some decent stuff here...so we've just been hanging out. So tomorrow night will be our little getaway. w00t! I've been tossing around the idea of not bringing my laptop with me (which would be about 24 hours offline!), but Eric has to take his cause he's on call for work...so I might just take mine. If I do, I will grab movies for the kids to watch on it. I really should grab a trashy novel to read, but I don't have any on hand!

I was busy with graphic orders today. Biz was pretty quiet between Thanksgiving and Xmas, but picked up after I lowered my prices. I just did a big post about it all on my Custom Blog Designs blog. My design queue is about a week long now.

I am still behind on my posts....

OK~ The year is almost over and I haven't even taken the time to reflect back on it. And I probably won't. LOL! Nothing big sticks out...so it must have just been a regular 'ole year.

Well...I *might* be offline for a little while. I do have my Wordless Wed set to post in the morning (probably LONG before I get up...we've been sleeping in til 9ish everyday!) and will check blogs if I am not too busy in the morning.

If I don't post...make sure you have a happy and SAFE New Years celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!