Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

Winter is officially upon us, but it seems like it's been here for a while. The wind chill is -22 right now. The sun did peak out a little bit this AM and I was UP and ready to conquer the day. Now it's either snowing (flurries) or the wind is just blowing snow off things. Who knows? We are sitting here wishing for warmer weather. Eric has to work Mon & Tues, but then is off til the 5th. He is on call part of the time, but the likelihood he would get called and actually have to go in is slim. He can take care of most things online. SO...we are considering a road trip....SOUTH! Tennessee seems to be within a day's journey and the Titan's football game (on TV) looks gloriously sunny. But is it warm? Any recommendations of places that *might* possibly be warm (sunny is a bonus, but NOT required) in TN???? Please...suggestions????

Yesterday Eric took the kids to the library so that I could get presents organized and wrapped. They came back 10 mins early, but I was able to scramble and get eveything put away. We cannot put out gifts now cause they will peek (they take after ME!) With xmas cards done & presents wrapped, I am feeling pretty relaxed. We went spent about $5o per kid, which I feel good about. We are not getting anything for each other because we've spent too much money this year! (That new roof & siding is paying off with a much warmer house...our furnace doesn't run a lot! But it's kicked on today!)

I did take advantage of the Coco Bonbons sale and bought 4 things for Dori for less than $30. I ordered her fav pants in a bigger size. The 3Ts that she has now will probably last 2 seasons because they are long and we have the elastic in the waist pulled in. They have a sneak peak of their spring collection (which I have seen the catalog for) and I really like the owls and cupcakes!

I've slacked off on posting recipes. I am going to be lazy and just post links. Earlier this week I made Tater Tot Casserole and it was YUMMY! I double the cheese soup and used tots instead of crinkle fries. We will make this AGAIN! It tasted GREAT as leftovers. I also made Hickory Smoked Brisket in the crock pot. It smelled wonderful BUT I used corned beef brisket. OOPS! It was very salty. The recipe is not intended for that, but my guys didn't seem to mind. Eric finished the leftovers up for lunch today. Last night we had Maple Dijon Chicken that I made in the crockpot. I LOVED it! I used red potatoes instead of sweet and added carrots. I love cooked carrots. I gobbled it up for lunch today and it was good reheated! I love warm homemade mommy meals in the winter! We are going to my sister's for dinner tonight so I have no idea what we are eating, but it is usually online those lines. PLUS they have a bread maker! YUM!

My teen has been driving me NUTS the past few days. I've had a few online buddies who have helped me out and be very supportive. They both have experience with raising teen (boys). Jake is angry about many things and is blaming us. When I was gone this morning Eric had a talk with him about following my directions and putting in effort to get along with me. He's actually been polite. I am going to do my part and not obsess over the negative, stay calm, and try to spend more fun time with him. We are all going to be cooped up together for 14 more days, so I think every effort will help.

I won another giveaway. This one is for a Miss Gina's Car Carryall. I picked a cute print. I think it will come in handy in the car. Thank you Mommy's Idea for hosting and Miss Gina's for the great item! Don't forget there is about 9 hours left to enter my Coco Bonbons Penquin Outfit giveaway.

I should really get my duff off the computer and go clean. Bedrooms need to be cleaned by 5pm on Sunday and mine is in shambles! I can't tell the kids to clean theirs if mine is a mess. I'll have to assist Dori with hers too. I am sure I forgot to post something I was thinking about, but whatever!

Have a nice day!