Monday, December 22, 2008

Make Something Monday: Recycled Chair

Go Graham Go & Jolly Mom host Make Something Monday. For today's entry I am putting up a project we completed several weeks ago. I found 2 of these chairs out by a neighbor's trash with a free sign. They looked to be in good shape so I snagged them. The chair structure and finish is GREAT, it's just the ugly seat cushion that was worn out. For some reason pressboard was used and it just crumbled under someone. So after the chairs sat in our garage for nearly 2 months, we decide it was time to repair them. Turns out that we already had all the supplies we needed. Some nice weight plywood, thick foam, and some great upholstery fabric. First we took the old cushion apart and Eric traced the shape onto the new plywood (using the old foam as a guide). Then we used a serrated knive to cut the foam. Cut out a piece of fabric for each (making sure the print when the right way) and laid them out like this.Then we had Parker stand on the board to squish the foam a little bit and started stapling with the staple gun. Eric did the stapling while I held the fabric in place. We trimmed off the extra fabric beyond the staples. Then Eric had me sit on the cushions to hold them in place while he drilled from below.
Wa-La!! 2 new awesome looking chairs!! They came in handy for our party!! Such an easy project, not sure why we put it off for so long!!