Friday, December 19, 2008

FFFF #6: Pets

Each Friday I will post a photo theme for the week. You will then post at least one photo that fits the theme on your blog along with an explanation. You can use a photo you took in the past, a photo taken by other family members, or a photo taken during the week to fit the theme. It is ok to use photos that you've posted on your blog before, but you need to put them into a new post. Please post the FFFF button (code in left sidebar) and link back to my blog. Once you've posted your entry on your blog, please come back and list your blog entry in Mr. Linky. Have fun looking at other blogs who have entered and leave some LUV! Feel free to contact me with suggestions for future themes.

All the themes so far have been related to holidays, so I am going to pick more of an OT theme. This week's theme is Pets. Please post at least one photo of your pet or a pic of you with someone else's pet~ just something pet related. Let us know about the pets.

We have not had any pets for over 14 years, but I dug some old pics out and scanned them. We had 2 dogs when we lived in Hawaii. Our Whippet was named Debo (not sure why we spelled it that way as opposed to Devo...get it? Whip It! Whip it good!) and an Italian Greyhound named Piccini (we just called her Peeps). They had the same coloring so everyone thought that they were mom & pup. Both are smaller versions of greyhounds. People would tell us that we had skinny dogs and ask if we ever fed them. Sometimes we told them no. Even though it was warm in Hawaii they loved to pile under blankets. Peeps was 2# when we got her at 8 weeks and about 8# full grown. The dogs had some issues getting along so the Whippet went to live with a nice family that was moving to Michigan before our first child was born. I am 4 mos pregnant in the photo below (which was our xmas card photo in 1992). We moved back to the mainland in 1994 and Peeps went to live with a rich retired opera singer with a big house on the beach. She was spoiled. We kept in touch with that owner and even saw Peeps when we went to Hawaii in 2002. She ended up getting skin cancer. I guess all those days of lounging in the sun by the beach caught up with her. Now it is your turn. Please share your Pet Photo(s). When you've posted your FFFF come back here and fill in the Mr. Linky below. You have until Thurs, Dec 25 to post your entry.

**If you are entering my Coco Bonbons giveaway this counts as 3 entries! Make sure you enter here and post 3 comments with something like 'I participated in FFFF: Pets' in the comment section of the giveaway post. I will delete entries that do not follow directions.**

PS~ Next week's theme will be presents, so make sure you take some appropriate photos this week!

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  1. HA! Check out my sidebar missy.....

  2. Can't wait to post on this one but I have so many pictures to choos from it might take me a while. Love the next weeks hint!
    Great pictures of the pooches.

  3. I love dogs, dogs are so much fun, what a great photo topic

  4. Uh, my blog is chock full of pet photos. Lately, it's mostly of Hobbes the Evil Kitten. I like the dog's name--did anyone ever figure it out on their own?


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