Saturday, December 20, 2008

AMAZING: Free Prints & Photo Book

Remember those photo books that were free for Oprah viewers? Well, I have something even better. Buy joining ArtsCow you can get a free photo book with 20 pages (each additional page is 50 cents) and 400 free digital prints (200 are 4x6 and 200 are 5x7). Please click this link to sign-up. When I registered and clicked on Credit & Discount I saw my free photo book + a free calendar (even more stuff than advertised!) I have 3 days to redeem them. You can get even more freebies by referring friends to join. Please sign-up using my referral, and then you can tell your friends about it. It's free to join, so please sign up. Here are their printing prices: 4x6 is 6 cents, 5x7 is 12 cents, 8x10 is 49 cents, 8x8 scrap pages are 1.99 (or less if you order more), and 12x12 scrap pages are 2.99 (or less if you order more). Plus they have LOTS of photo gifts. Shipping prices are very reasonable too! It's time for me to get off my duff and get stuff printed!!!!

So those of you who are snowed in with nothing to do...join ArtsCow and order your free photo book and get all those digital prints just sitting on a folder on your hard drive ordered!