Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 9

Today is the ninth day of MomDot's Christmas of Dreams Blog Party
Brought to you by jaC Jewelry, Cutie Covers and Sassy Baby

Today's question is a 3 parter~

What is the most unusual gift you've received?
OK...this was not a holiday gift, but my hubby and I got 2 strange ones for our wedding. First was a cast iron door stop. It had a hunting scene on it. Strange! The other was ONE platter like you see at Sizzler. A metal/steel platter sitting on a fake wood base. Just one of those...not a set or anything. Strange!

What was one of your favorite gifts?
I'd have to say the game Mousetrap! Oh, and my nifty Sony Walkman.

Do you think it's OK to regift? YES!!!!