Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 8

Today is the eighth day of MomDot's Christmas of Dreams Blog Party
Brought to you by Koshas, Leapfrog and Soda Club

The question is do you shop Black Friday?

Only on a very occasional basis...but never the early bird specials. If I see something I really want I'll go later in the afternoon when the crowds have died down a little. We go very low key for Christmas, so I don't do a lot of shopping. You can check out this years ads for Black Friday here.

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  1. I've finally broken down and started going out on black Friday. I'll be envying all of you at home and still sleeping!

  2. i think I might try some online shopping for black friday this year!

  3. Yeah I have never done the friday of doom thing before, and IF I do participate this year, it will be in the afternoon.

  4. Nope, nah, nyet, no way, uh-uh. I don't care how GREAT the deals are ... it makes me crazy enough to fight the crowds at Sam's Club on a regular Saturday much less the mall or big box store on the day after Thanksgiving. Besides ... I'm 99% done. One more gift for Maya and my shopping is doooooone!

  5. I think most of us are not heading out on black friday

  6. I don't even want to get the mad crowd left overs. We will be far away from the malls on Friday.

  7. Oooh - thanks for the Black Friday link!

  8. yep, i'll be out. wishing i were home asleep!

  9. I don't shop on black Friday. If there's anything we see in the sales ads that we MUST buy, my husband goes out early. He really doesn't mind. My middle daughter loves going out too.
    I have sisters who consider shopping on black Friday a sport.
    Not me! I enjoy staying home in my nice warm bed.

  10. i just can't go out at all on black friday


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