Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party: Day 11

Today is the eleventh day of MomDot's Christmas of Dreams Blog Party
Brought to you by Shishu Style and Mimsi Bags

Now here’s the tough part, if you could only pick one food to eat on Thanksgiving, what would it be? Mashed Potatoes!

Do you have a home-cooked meal or eat out? home cooked!

Does your family dress up?

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  1. You can't beat home cookin! My fav is stuffing:)

  2. I'm answering your questions right here:

    Home Cooked all the way
    Not really..but we don't come in sweats, either.

  3. I am seeing a lot of people who are really passionate about their mashed potatoes!

  4. DEFINATLEY home cooked, we've tried the eating out thing....lets just say ICK! My favorite thing to eat is a Luthanian potato dish that has been passed down from generation to generation!! As for dressing up, around here no, but we are going to friends tonight so maybe our jammies should at least be washed first! LOL Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!

  5. My answers are the same as Michelle's!

    Of course - it took me a few seconds to figure out the dress up part... I was thinking Halloween. LOL

  6. I've only tried homecooked on T-day but I couldn't just pick one! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. YAY!! We don't dress up either, sharing the bench with you

  8. Home cooking!
    I enjoy the stuffing the most.
    We don't dress up. One year though, my girls thought it would be fun to have everyone dress up. They asked everyone (the 5 of us) to come in a skirt or tie. Their little brother came in a skirt and a tie. They were horrified! LOL!

  9. I'm so ready for mashed potatoes tomorrow, yummy!

  10. I guess I can share my taters with you. That's just how much I care! Happy Thanksgiving!


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