Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well, I ended up working over 8 hours at the stadium yesterday. I was in charge (my first time) and I really got frazzled. I didn't sleep well last night (but the 2 nights before were 9+ hrs) and kept thinking about how things went. I wrote a bunch of things down today and will be making an organization chart to help things run more smoothly. Anyway, I didn't get home til after midnight. I thought a night game would be better, but I now know that a day game is better. 2 more home games this season, but I might not work both.

So today I have the work hangover going. Just tired and sore! More sore than anything. I am not used to standing and I was basically in one spot for most of the night. I got a late start to church today and then we had a big meal afterwards. I helped with a chunk of the clean-up before coming home to put my feet up. When I got home, Eric told me that the party we are going to tonight got moved up to 4pm. I was counting on that extra hour to rest. I guess we will show up late. I've got to make a big pot of chili to take. But first, I think a little cat nap is in order!