Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Graphics

A week or so ago, Julie left a comment on a post about Entrecard. I signed up and I am hooked. It’s basically a business card exchange for blogs. You visit other blogs and ‘drop’ your blog card on them. While you can just drop and run, I’ve spent a little time reading some blogs. Yesterday I came across a site of a woman in Malaysia that makes these cute little RSS Dollies. She will customize them, so I ordered 2 without the RSS icon~ one with me and Dori and the other of just Dori, which she did VERY quickly! While they don’t look exactly like us, I think they are just adorable. A single person is just $2! I might order one to depict our whole family. Check out Emila's site (which I awarded the Kreativ Award yesterday): Emila's Illustrated Blog