Monday, October 20, 2008

Long Ramble

After my brief cat nap yesterday, I got up and we put a big pot of chili together and headed over to our friend's house for a pumpkin carving party. It was a lot of fun! Our hosts had the place decked out AND the pumpkins were already cleaned out and ready to carve. I used one of those carving kits that had a pattern to follow. It was super easy! Here is a pic of my pumpkin along with Dori's cute little pumpkin.In addition to pumpkin carving there was food, great conversation, crafts, and a birthday celebration. Here Dori and I are creating a Halloween photo frame.Dori got to play with one of the new dolls that our little friend got for her birthday. Dori really liked the doll.But the strangest thing happened after Dori played with this talking doll. She bowed down and started chanting a little prayer. I just don't understand!
After the party we came home and watched Amazing Race, put the kids to bed, and then watched episode 6 of Amazing Race Asia online.

I had a slow start to the day. It's that time of year when the house is chilly in the morning, but it's not quite cold enough to run the furnace. I have a hard time jump starting when it's like that. I finally showered, did the laundry, straightened and cleaned the kitchen, searched for and finally found my transcripts, left some blog comments, made dinner, and then we went to Jake's marching band awards concert. Here's a pic of Dori & I after the concert (I look old & tired!)We are about the put the kidlets to bed and then I plan on doing a little blog networking, sort & fold the clean laundry, and maybe watch Desperate Housewives. I'll post a recipe from tonight's dinner later.

PS~ OK...seriously, that doll does say Islam is the Light as clear as can be. And Dori wasn't facing the right way! LOL!

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  1. I think you have a reason to be tired after that day. Great pictures though.

  2. No furnace yet?? Girl it can't be that much warmer down your way...we've had the furnace on for 2 weeks at least! I would have froze to death if I hadn't turned it on yet. I haven't talked to Adam but I'm sure he's got his heat on PLUS his room space heater. Maybe we are just wusses!


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