Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've Been Tagged! Kimberly over at Lucky Family of 4 has tagged me! (she actually tagged me on my Dori blog, but I am cross posting!)OK...here are my weird (and probably not so random) facts~

1. I could swim before I was 2 yrs old...and it had nothing to do with my web-toes!
2. I like beets, although I only eat them at salad bars.
3. In 1988 I tried out for The Dating Game.
4. I never tuck in my shirt.
5. I will check books out from the library, but I usually don't read them (and then turn them in late!)
6. I'm very gregarious, but I get very nervous when I have to make a speech in front of a group. (Not when I teach at all, but definitely when I speak in front of other adults!)
7. I'm fickle! (like you didn't know that!)

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