Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interview You!

Wendy of Adoption & Fire did a recent post on her blog asking to interview people. I am going to post her question and my answer below, but I am also going to invite you to be interviewed. Please leave a comment for this post letting me know that you'd like an interview question and then come back in a day or 2 and get your question (from the comments of this post) and then answer it on your blog. (I am cross posting this with my Custom Blog Designs blog.)

Wendy's Question~
Hi Diana- You are so creative! Having designed blogs for so many adoptive parents, is there anything interesting you have learned or have seen about a family that you have created a blog for? Do you encourage your children to explore their creativity? If so how?

My response~
Wendy! Thanks so much for the compliment.
WOW~ I have learned so much from the many family blogs that I have redesigned and all the other blogs I have discovered in the process. I could list individual blogs and their great advice and interesting lives, but I am going to just to just tell you what I've come up with collectively. While you might not have met someone in real life, they can be a wonderfully, supportive friend! Also, there are so many ways to make a difference in a child's life! And, if you have an idea...create a blog, let your friends know (and ask for their advice), and go for it!
I know I can do a better job of encouraging my children to explore their creativity. So much of my creativity surrounds so called 'girly' things like sewing and crafts. I have no passed these on to my boys at all. This is one of the things I was excited about with having a daughter...teaching her to sew and be crafty. She's too young for that now, but I try to make up songs with her and teacher her rhyming and silliness. Both my boys are very creative! We nuture their music abilities through private lessons and by having several instruments here at home for them to play on. Both love creating with Lego and drawing silly cartoons. But most of all we just encourage our kids to be themselves and love who they are!

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this Wendy! I hope that my readers will jump in to be interviewed and then keep it going on their blogs.

Diana is a crafty creative Midwestern work from home mama of 3. She enjoys playing with PhotoShop Elements, sewing & crafting, creating fun for family & friends, camping, and reading. She is the owner & operator of Custom Blog Designs.

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  1. Great Answer. I can't wait to share our creative side with our children.
    I have already participated in Wendy's Interview but I would love to see what questions you have for me.

  2. It's wonderful the designs you are doing for these people! I have a friend who is in the process of adoption now! She has a blog...but my old computer crashed and I lost it! If I find it I will pass it along!

  3. I participated also.. was fun..
    I don't have a very creative side to
    But ... You can ask me a question too..but think you have asked me
    Have a Great Day...


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