Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Morning!

It's Monday morning! It got down in the 30s last night, but our furnace never kicked on. I guess the new roof and siding this summer really made a difference.

Dori and I are going shopping today. Exchange jeans for Parker (still can't get the right fit...I think I'll take a pair that have holes in them to compare), get laundry soap, vitamins, and groceries. I'm going to stop by Kohls and see if I can find a black cardigan. Dori is a good shopper and never complains about getting in and out of her carseat.

Jake has an appt for his toe this afternoon. The infection seems to be gone, but the toe still bothers him. We are thinking he will lose this toenail. I know...TMI!

Dori's school is having a Halloween party tonight. I'll make sure to take LOTS of pics!