Monday, October 27, 2008

Frazzle Time

It's that time of day that where I can get a bit frazzled. Usually it's between 4:30 and 6:30 sometime. I've been on the go today and much of that has been on my feet. The go-go isn't done because we need to leave for Dori's school party in an hour or so. We just got home a little bit ago from Jake's appt. They just removed 2 parts of his ingrown toe. He should be fine now. I've had enough time to direct the kids to homework and such and I've sorted laundry. I got distracted (cause I came upstairs to have Parker try on his new pants before I wash them) and my laptop was sitting on the stairs. Parker & Dori were watching a movie on it at the Dr's office. So I moved it to where I usually keep it and just sat down and automatically turned it on. I need to get off and get a load of laundry in the wash. I feel behind because I usually get all the clothes done on Monday and I haven't even started a load and it's 5pm. I spend too much time shopping. I covered every inch of women's clothing at Kohls and managed to find a black cardigan (which I might keep...I need to try on with different pants first) and some socks. I got Dori some very adorable monkey headphones and a summery Dora dress on clearance. Even though it's bitter cold out, she's wearing the dress. LOL! We also hit Sam's Club and Walmart and made it home just in time for Parker. After I had the groceries unloaded (and they are not all put away yet) I had about 25 mins til we had to leave to get Jake from school and take him to the Dr.

Dinner is Rotisserie Chicken from Sams. We'll probably just eat it on tortillas with some other fixings. I think Eric is going to say home while I take Dori & Parker to the party. Jake is going to Young Life. Eric is doing his masters online, so he could use the quiet time with all of us gone. to get a load in the washer.