Friday, October 24, 2008

Coke Roast

Dinner is already cooking, so I thought I'd come share this EZ recipe!

Coke Roast

a coke (we've also used Dr Pepper and diet)
a jar of chili sauce
a package of onion soup mix
a roast (usually the cheapest I can find...that doesn't have a lot of fat)
veggies of choice

Put the coke, sauce, and soup mix into the crock pot and mix up. Add the roast. Cook on low all day long. Sometime in the early afternoon I will add veggies. We often serve on whole wheat buns.

If you missed it, I posted a recipe last night too!

PS~ I am *TOTALLY* in the mood to shop today, but my nephews are coming over for a little while this morning and the boys have a 1/2 day. Probably better off to not spend money anyway. I am totally obsessing about getting a new black cardigan. I wear a cardigan nearly everyday when it cools down and I am down to just a grey one. I am sure people get sick of seeing me wear it EVERYDAY. I got it about 8 years ago at Mervyns and I love it. We don't have Mervyns here. I am looking for a non-sweater one...maybe some kind of knit. Hard to explain, but I know what I want. It has to go down past my hips, but I don't want a band around the bottom of it. I like it loose (but not too baggy) so I need a L or XL depending on the cut. KWIM?