Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hawaiian Muu Muu Dress for American Girl Doll

Back in January I hosted a giveaway for some Eden Ava Couture patterns. I was given the opportunity to review a pattern and I picked the Hawaiian Muu Muu Dress.
Eden Ava Couture Hawaiian Muu Muu Dress Pattern American Girl Doll
The reason I picked this pattern is that we used to live in Hawaii and I love muu muus. Most people have the wrong impression of muu muus. They are not big tent-like dresses in bright obnoxious patterns. They are quite the fashion statement in Hawaii and range from basic to very fancy and expensive. Nice ones are appropriate in a professional office. Some companies have their logo worked into the design. We moved away from Hawaii 20 years ago, but I still have my muu muus.
Diana Rambles Hawaii Muu Muu
You will often see muu muus with white print. Either white (floral or print) on color or color (floral or print) on white. I kept this in mind when I picked a damask print to sew with.
Eden Ava Couture Hawaiian Muu Muu Dress Damask Fabric
I really like this pattern. The directions are straightforward. I love how it's in panels to make it form fitting. It didn't turn out to be form fitting on the doll, but I will use a bigger seam allowance the next time I make one. I used my serger on most seams, but had to zig zag the edge of a few places.
Eden Ava Couture Hawaiian Muu Muu Dress Pattern Review American Girl Doll
My most favorite part of the pattern is the neckline. It looks difficult, but it was very easy to do and looks great. The only thing I would change about the patter is to make the  top ruffles bigger, especially the one on top of the skirt bottom. When I ran my basting stitches on that ruffle they gathered up on their own and were too short. I had to let them out to get it to go all the way around the dress.
Eden Ava Couture Hawaiian Muu Muu Dress Pattern American Girl Doll
If you sew you can get this pattern at the Eden Ava Couture shop. If you'd like to own this dress, keep an eye out in about a month for the next American Girl Mega Giveaway. This orange damask muu muu will be part of the wardrobe being given away. I even made matching sandals to go along with the dress. We still have a few spots for contributors and sponsors in that giveaway. Get more info here.
American Girl Doll Sandals DIY

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Soap on a Rope Bag

We went camping for my birthday over the weekend and had a GREAT time!! We *LOVE* to camp and I am in the process of planning 3 more camp trips for the next 2 months. I am fairly low-maintenance, but I am not the biggest fan of campground bathrooms. The showers are sometimes gross and I don't know where to put my soap while I shower.  I decided I needed a bag for soap on a rope.
DIY Soap in a Bag on a Rope for camping
Supplies: washcloth (I used a small thin one), ribbon or rope, Velcro.
Soap on a Rope Bag Supplies
I cut the washcloth in half for 2 bags (one for the boys, one for girls). I (zig zag) stitched the Velcro on each end and secured the ribbon on one end.
DIY Soap in a Bag on a Rope instructions
Then I folded the washcloth in half so that the velcro faced out and surged the sides.
DIY Soap in a Bag on a Rope for camping stitching
Which look like this~
DIY Soap in a Bag on a Rope for camping directions
Then I turned it inside out and slipped in a bar of soap. Took all of 15 minutes, which included coming up with the design.
Soap on a Rope Bag for Camping Showers
It was nice to hang the soap so it didn't touch anything in the shower house.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pin Me Linky Party 81

Happy Easter to those of you who observe it. It's my birthday this weekend so we are camping.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Lego Storage Bag Giveaway

Lego Custom Appliqued Storage Bag Giveaway
It's time for my April Embroidery giveaway. This month I have created a pair of Lego Storage Bags. These bags are made with Smart-Fab and feature an applique of a Lego head. They are perfect for sorting and storing Lego.
Lego Storage Bags
One bag measures 4.5"x8" and the other measures 5.5"x7". I had such fun making these that I created a bunch out of various fabrics. If you don't want to wait to see if you win the giveaway, you can purchase from my Etsy shop now.
Lego Sort Bags
This giveaway is open to people 18 yrs & older with a US Address. Enter via the form below. Remember the more entries, but better chance you have of winning! Lego is not included.

Embroidery Design of the Month Giveaway