Friday, October 24, 2014

Pin Me Linky Party 108

What a beautiful week we've had here in the Midwest! We are camping this weekend. Please remember to visit and pin/comment on at least 3 other links. Don't link & run!
How to Bend a PVC Pipe from Family Home and Life - Useful for many DIY projects!
Apple Spice Cake from What Rose Knows - Looks Yummy!!
Yoga Socks from Etcetorize - I want several pair!!
Breast Cancer Awareness Mug Rug from USS Crafty - Great cause!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pin of the Week: Ballet Bun

Pinterest Pin of the Week
This week's featured pin is something that helped me with a weekly issue.
It's Ballet Bun - the Easiest Ever from Southern Flair Craft. My daughter is in a ballet academy and needs to have a perfect ballet bun twice a week for practice. I just cannot seem to get the hang of a good bun. I have these bun twists which work great, but I always have a deformed bun. I have seen the donut buns before, but the tutorials I saw had me rolling it down the hair. That didn't work!!

I made my own donut from a pair of knee high hose.
Then I attempted some buns.
You can see I had a big improvement on my second bun. Of course my daughter has a bunch of wisps and fly-aways. I thought this bun was just too big, so I picked one up at the dollar store.
My daughter's hair is so long that there is a lot of hair to wrap around the base of the bun, which makes it stick out.
As you can see, I need a lot more practice.  We are always on a time crunch with rushing from school to ballet. I've tried to send her to school with a bun, but we seem to have to redo it before class. Some day I'll be good at buns. Do you have any tricks?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pin Junkie HALLOWEEN/FALL Features

Last week I participated in the birthday celebration at The Pin Junkie by co-hosting the HUGE linky party. Today I am featuring a few of my Halloween/Fall favorites from that party.


Pumpkin Hummus from No Small Life - I've got to try this because I love pumpkin and it's low carb!
Clementine Cakes by The Woks of Life - These look fantastic!!
Pumpkin French Toast Rolls by French Press - YUM!!!!!


DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial by Home Remedies - She makes this look so easy to make!

Mummy Jars by The (mis)Adventures of a "Born Again' Farm Girl - Super cute!!
Halloween Rock Garden by Dabblingmomma - This is a great activity to do with kids!


DIY Olaf Costume in 2 hours or less from Busy Mom's Helper - This is super cute!!! Fun for any age!
10 Minute Homemade Jellyfish from Giggles Galore. This is super cute & easy!
Little Poisonous Mushroom from Caseperlatesta - This is precious!
Thanks to everyone who linked up!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oktoberfest: Käsespätzle (Cheese Spaetzle)

Each fall, we gather with friends at a local German restaurant to celebrate Oktoberfest.  One of my favorite things to eat is the Cheese Spaetzle or Käsespätzle. I recently discovered that Aldi sells Spaetzle (German Egg Noodle), so I made it for an Oktoberfest potluck for all the German students and their families at my son's high school.

The bag of Spaetzle has the directions for Käsespätzle on it. Simple ingredients are: Spaetzle, Swiss cheese, butter, onion.
You boil the spaetzle, drain, and then layer it in a casserole dish with swiss cheese and butter. You bake at 375 degrees for 5 minutes or until brown. Then top with browned onion.
Our onion looked like bacon! Maybe that is why our dish got eaten up so quickly.
It went along with the other food nicely! There were activities too. The kids did the Maibaum.
 My son held the poster for Schnitzelbank.
The evening was a lot of fun. We are looking forward to next year!
 I apologize in advance if my 'German' is wrong.